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Becoming Rapunzel

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Starting this May 2019!

Join this 6 month program to shine from the inside out for your healthiest radiant you!

♥Online Program                       

♥ 6 Monthly workbook's, May-October 2019

♥ 6 Monthly Intuitive Coaching Sessions

♥ 6 Monthly Packages of Herbal & Natural Products

♥ 3-Day Women’s Retreat, May 3-5      


This program...

Becoming Rapunzel is a holistic approach to sustaining beauty that covers healthy practices of: self-care routine, homemade DIY skin/hair product recipes, healthy diet following the seasons, nutrient-balancing herbs/vitamins, positive body-image techniques (meditations/visuals/hypnosis), and learning traditional beauty techniques (facial/scalp acupressure, yoga, facial yoga, TCM, Ayurveda, Reiki).

The Focus...

True beauty is never just skin deep, it begins and ends with our health…more specifically our blood health. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine an ample supply of well-nourished blood manifests in a radiant complexion, luscious strong hair, bright eyes, and a clear focused mind. When we are at our optimal health, our bodies are fully able to nourish and regenerate every cell in our body. Modern-day life however, often goes against the natural rhythm of our bodies.

Stress and toxic environments can cause toxins to build up in the liver, which can recirculate in the blood steam and overburden the body. With every moon cycle blood is lost and without care, we woman are prone to anemia. With our fast-paced lifestyles, we tend to be overworked and not getting enough sleep, this eventually results in adrenal fatigue. At this point our health is rundown and it shows with graying skin, withering hair, and dull eyes.

In this program, all of these issues get addressed within a 6-month period for a gentle and natural balancing of the body. The whole body system is treated at the root with holistic therapies for the mind, body, and spirit. This is the opposite thought of the Western viewpoint of taking a pill, quick fix, or covering up. The focus is to get each woman to her highest health, and then beauty becomes the symptom! The best things in life take time and dedication. Isn’t our bodies worth that? I believe they are! This is the year to feel and look your best, join me on this quest!


Women's Retreat, May 3-5

♥ Daily Goddess Yoga for the Face and Body
♥ Enjoy Cooking Garden Fresh Bio Cuisine Together
♥ Make All Natural Beauty Products
♥ Learn about Herbal Uses for Women’s Health
♥ Receive one-on-one health TCM consultation
♥ Get reading and treatment with Amy (optional extra add-on)
♥ Relax with Gardening and Nature Walks
♥ Nightly Self-Love Meditations and Sisterly Bonding

Included in Becoming Rapunzel program!                  

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About Amy...

Amy Maloon holds a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from ACTCM in San Francisco with a license in Acupuncture and Herbalism. She studied in the USA and China with special training in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Fertility, and Women’s Health. As a spiritual minister and clairvoyant energetic-body reader, she specializes in treating the subconscious mind and spiritual emotional health. Maloon holds a Bachelor’s of the Art in Dance from SFSU in San Francisco with an emphasis in performance. As a longtime yogi, she traveled to India to become a Hatha Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. As a lover of travel, she traveled the world as an acupuncturist on Holland America Cruise Line where she was able to help elderly patients get substantial relief from chronic pain. During this time, she also filmed, performed, and edited “Yoga Around the World,” a worldwide yoga video. Amy Maloon currently has a private practice as a Psychic Acupuncturist and is co-creating the Madrona Earth Center, an eco-farm and holistic health retreat center with her loving fiancé, Chris. She used all her skills here to build the program Becoming Rapunzel and she hopes you all will love it!

Personal Testimony...

      "I’ve had skin problems all my life and when I first started acupuncture school I began to receive treatments for my adult acne. I noticed positive changes in my complexion, but acupuncture alone wasn’t enough.

I changed my diet and started regularly taking Chinese herbs to balance my body. Within a few months time, I had more energy and I started to observe over-all improvements in my period, digestion, stress, and sleep.

I changed my beauty routine and stopped using conventional products and makeup that was clogging my pores and didn't nourish my skin at its core. I also used yoga, meditation, and visualizations to love myself more deeply and fully accept my body. I felt more beautiful and confident than I had in years.

My skin cleared and brightened and my hair became strong and lightened in color. I began to love my hair…which I never really had before, and I decided to let it grow as long as it wanted to go! Now my hair has grown past my mid-thigh and still as thick as ever. Just about every day people stop me in the streets to learn my beauty care secrets. By popular demand, I’ve created Becoming Rapunzel, to guide any woman to her most healthy beautiful divine self. “

Amy Maloon

Price for the full 6 month program...

♥ Online Program                       

♥ 6 Monthly workbook's, May-October 2019

♥ 6 Monthly Intuitive Coaching Sessions 

♥ 6 Monthly Packages of Herbal & Natural Products  

♥ 3-Day Women’s Retreat, May 3-5       

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