Amy Maloon

Interview by: Dijon of Souls of San Francisco 

“I’ve always been interested in the psychic realm. It started as a kid and it was about feeling the energy of nature around me and speaking to individual rocks or trees, or the wind. They all had their own name. When I was a kid I thought I could ask the wind to do something and it would do it. Or I thought I could change the atmosphere, and it would change. I would see little things, like I would want the sun to come out and it would. It would take maybe 30 seconds but I felt there was a connection between me and this realm that I couldn’t exactly see but I could feel on a very subtle level.”

“When I was a pre-teen I was interested in ghosts and spirits. I got a ouija board and I loved it. I played with it all the time. I got interested in the spirit realm and invited in a bunch of bad ghosts. Not bad, it was just opening the door for all these things to come in. The house got haunted and I had to do all these clearings. I learned how to cleanse in that way from a book called ‘Sacred Space’. I used a technique called Rainbow Water where you put intention into water and you put it in a spray bottle and spray it around the room. Whatever intention you bring will come. So through exercises like that I learned there the house was fine. No more incidents.”

“So what’s the difference between a bad spirit and a good spirit?”

“Well I would say that all spirits are the same, but the emotion that is caught with them could be a bad emotion like anger, they could have had a terrible death or been murdered and still be angry over it. I think more of the vibration of hate and anger, all the things you would consider non-loving would be bad. Good would be love. What’s the opposite of love…hate. So you would have hate and you would have love.”

“I think the opposite of love is fear.”

“Fear…yeah, that works too.”

“I always wondered how psychics did what they did and after I got a reading one time this woman told me about a school called Psychic Horizons. I finished a 2 year program there not too long ago. It’s something everybody can do.”

“So you can read people’s auras?”


“How does that affect your day today interpersonal relationships.”

“I don’t use that ability on normal conversations. I only use it when I’m going into a meditative space. I’ll set everything up. I ground myself, ground the room, bring in a vibrational energy of seniority and certainty so that I know that what I’m getting is correct. Then I’ll put up a projection screen and look at everything on this screen. So I’m seeing images on this screen. And it takes a lot of energy to look at someone’s energy. You have to be really focused, so in normal conversations I’m not doing it at all. Sometimes if someone is going through something and they want me to look, I’ll kinda look at it casually. If I do read someone I ask them on a spirit level if they’re ready for what I have to say.”

“Is there something you could share that anyone could do to develop their psychic abilities?”

“I can, I realized the key to reading other people is trusting myself, trusting the images I was getting. Trusting that it’s something real and not judging it.”