Amy Maloon

Energetic System Readings

Intuitive Energy Reading $100 Hr

Symbolic visions are "seen" in a trance like state. Breakthrough blockages, release fears, form new patterns, obtain desired outcomes, and enhance quality of life. Readings are fun and playful!

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Energetic Reboot $175

Reboot your energetic system with my signature 2 hr treatment! Includes aura/chakra reading, acupuncture/acupressure, crystal therapy, sound healing, and reiki touch. The ultimate reading healing combo suggested monthly tune ups for best results.

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Break through Blockages 

Psychic readings are focused on breaking through past and present blockages. These blockages act as locks stopping us from the realization of our true selves. The readings are done in a seated meditative state with eyes closed; you sit facing the reader. During a reading the energetic systems—which consists of the aura, chakras, body, and spirit is examined. The reader will look at energy and "pictures" (blockages in the form of images) around a current issue or question that you bring to the reading. The reader will tell you what is seen, how it is affecting you, and why you are still stuck on these pictures and operating from them. I will look at the origin of these "pictures", why you are choosing to continue to react to them, and whether you are ready to move these issues out. At the end of the reading, a healing will be offered which will help facilitate resolution, move energetic blocks, and create space for change. All readings are causal, fun, and as informative as possible. I’m dedicated to creating a safe and non-judgmental environment and making sure the reading is resonating and appropriate. 

House and Space Clearing $150

Got a home or space that feels stale, unwelcome, or haunted? Do things keep breaking or does it just feel off? Feel a need to set an intention to get more from a space such as: work, play, entertainment, or joy? Want to make a home actually feel homey? 

I can help with all of these things. I will ground the space and set the energy at whatever frequency desired. If an office requires to intention of focus and task oriented. A bedroom needs more intimacy. A kitchen needing better cooking and good company.