Amy Maloon

Worldwide Healing Yoga Retreats

My yoga retreats focus on personal work, cultural learning, outdoor adventures, and celebrations. Each trip includes one personalized energetic treatment, daily yoga/mediation/workshops, afternoon outings, and end with a local festival/party to nourish the good work.

India-Spiritual Awakening-March 1-16th 2017

Rishkesh landscape.jpg

If you've ever wanted to go to India here's your chance. We’ll spend the entire trip in Rishikesh, India. This beautiful bustling town is nestled between the Himalayan Mountains and divided by the Ma Ganga, the mother of rivers. Everything about the location, the lay of the land, and its powerful river makes this place a very important pilgrimage site. It’s known as the birthplace of yoga, because of its palpable spiritual pulse nearly all of the most influential gurus and yogis have either taught or studied here. Even the Beatles themselves came to Rishikesh to take a break from society and ended up making their most significantly creative album of all time. The weather in March is the most pleasant average 77 degrees with warm days and cool breezes in the evenings. The altitude is just high enough to escape disease-carrying mosquitos. Rishikesh is a town where very few cars drive through the town, everything is accessible through walking and motorbike. Prepare for healthy eating, the entire city is vegetarian. Cow and monkeys run free as the vibe of the city portrays.

We'll start with 3 beautiful nights of sleeping under the stars to quiet the mind and recharge the soul.  Nature will provide us to connect with a deeply gentle mountain top before entering the valley below.

For the next 5 days & 6 nights we'll join forces with a local well known kundalini yoga teacher. We'll practice yoga and breathing techniques to encourage enlightenment. Ayurvedic assessment and massage  included! The end of our retreat will be at the Pyramid Cafe to share with travelers and celebrate our progress with the festival of color.

♥ Daily yoga/mediation/pranayama classes 

♥ One-on-one healing sessions with Amy

♥ Take nature hikes to pet cows, feed monkeys & kiss puppies

♥ Eat fresh, delicious vegetarian cuisine from locally sourced ingredients

♥Visit Beatles ashram & celebrate the festival of color Holi 

♥ Relax with Ayurvedic massages & have fortunes read by local astrologers 

♥   Explore mountain tops, river rafting & bungee jumping(optional)


Price: $2500

Airfare suggested but not included

***Visa needed***


Thailand New Year- January 3-14th 2017

Join for an incredible week of letting go of the past year, breaking personal blockages, and setting new obtainable goals for 2017. Rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit through yoga and mediation . Don't forget about daily beach visits, jungles to explore, elephant trekking and loads of other activities. Celebrate ending the retreat with a Full Moon Party on the beach. This trip is the perfect way to relax, re-energize, detox the old, and ring in the new!

This will be an intimate retreat of 6 staying in a beautiful house hidden in the jungle. We'll be tucked away in a secluded part of the island to fully enjoy nature and relaxation. We'll have a car to explore island during the day and take part in some night life activities. 

♥ Daily yoga/mediation/pranayama classes in a stunning studio overlooking pristine beaches

♥ Guided workshops to rewrite your personal story for success

♥ One-on-one healing sessions at the beginning and end of retreat

♥ Detox with fresh, delicious cuisine from locally sourced ingredients

♥ Explore beaches, big buddha temple, and coconut tree jungles

♥ Relaxing In herbal steam caves at Tamarind Springs (optional)

♥ Elephant jungle trekking adventures (optional)

Price: $3200

Airfare suggested but not included

I've been traveling all around working as an acupuncturist on a cruise ship. At the same time I've been hunting for the most spiritual places to take folks to connect more deeply with themselves through yoga, mediation, and energy work. Join me worldwide to break personal blockages & discover your true self for living the ultimate life. 


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